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18th International Agricultural Exhibition "YUGAGRO"

FSUE PBP «NCR­PBPS» of the Russian Agricultural Academy» took part in  the 18th International agro-industrial exhibition YUGAGRO - the most widescaled open air trade show of agricultural machinery in Russia in 22-25 of November 2011 in Krasnodar.

YUGAGRO covers all the sectors of agriculture and it is an effective platform for free competition of new technologies of the agrarian branch in Russia.  Such exposition sections as agricultural machinery and spare parts, plant growing, animal husbandry, storage and processing of agricultural production, standardization and metrology were presented at the exhibition.

YUGAGRO also presented the collective national expositions of Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Holland and Italy this year. In the framework of the business program the International Agrarian Congress took place, which  included a number of activities in different areas of the industry and was focused on the wide range of specialists and the heads of the agricultural enterprises of Russia.

 Official site of the exhibition:

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