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Visit of the governor Gajewski

Губернатор посетил ФГУП «Северо-Кавказская зональная опытная станция по птицеводству» Россельхозакадемии» в селе Обильном Георгиевского района

Governor Valeriy Gajewski made a working trip to St. George and Kirov regions of Stavropol, where he visited a number of enterprises and social facilities.

The program of events started at FSUE "North-Caucasian Zonal Experimental Station of the poultry industry," Agricultural "in the village of St. George Abundant area. The governor toured the production of turkey hatching eggs, cell batteries for growing birds, company store and a fitness center for employees.

As the director of the station Kanivets Victor, last year was reconstructed kormotseh capacity of 60 tons of feed per day, set the domestic industrial incubators, an overhaul of one of the production sites. If in 2010 the gross output was produced by 280.6 million rubles, for 2011 the forecast is already 307 million.

For breed turkeys "Cross Wagon" company - the only one in the country - given the status of the selection center. It is currently working on a rock, "Victoria Cross", which plans to defend in 2013. Plans for further development are associated not only with the selection, but with a new project on the cellular content of turkeys.

Given the strong economic performance, the level of wages and good benefits package for employees, Valery Gajewski promised government support to the new investment projects.

Поля отмеченные звёздочкой, обязательны для заполнения.

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