Bookmark turkey eggs for incubation is carried out in the heated regulated incubator.


Turkey - a bird with the most tender, juicy, tasty and popular meat.


Our breeds bred specifically for the individual farm, poultry farms, peasant farms.


Social Security employees

In 2010, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise CTB "SKZOSP" RAAS "opened a fitness center with a highly resonant name" Indies. "Today, so you need to be healthy, and fitness activities contribute not only to create a beautiful figure and health, and increases the efficiency and vitality.




For employees, as well as to the public were opened: gym, training melee fighting, classes on yoga, step aerobics, mix aerobics, fit-ball, belly dancing and even conduct lessons in Street Dance. For each of the studies conducted have been invited qualified coaches and teachers. For our employees access to the fitness center is free.




Every day there are fitness news. This is a new wellness programs that no one identifies fitness centers only shaping and fitness equipment. This exercise equipment: power, elliptical, rowing, oscillations. Fitness - this is not a drill, and a part of our lives. Great to be fashionable!




For workers FSUE CTB "SKZOSP" RAAS "regularly organizes free bus trips to Elbrus, the Chegem waterfalls, the Blue Lake, cities of Caucasian Mineral Waters (Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk), trips to the theater and concerts, children's trip to the circus and dolphinarium town of Kislovodsk. The same employees are provided vouchers for a spa treatment in a sanatorium cities of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Provided financial assistance to workers with long-term illness, large families, single-parent families and families with disabled children.

Поля отмеченные звёздочкой, обязательны для заполнения.

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