Bookmark turkey eggs for incubation is carried out in the heated regulated incubator.


Turkey - a bird with the most tender, juicy, tasty and popular meat.


Our breeds bred specifically for the individual farm, poultry farms, peasant farms.


6th International Specialized Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Breeding AgroFarm - AgroFarm 2012

The VI International specialized Exhibition Of Animal Husbandry And Pedigree Stock-Breedingт "AGROFARM 2012" will take place on 07.02.2012 - 09.02.2012 in Moscow in all-Russian exhibition centre, pavilion 75.

The central event of the Exhibition will become the branch forum "Russia on the way to the export of livestock products".

A contest for the best scientific development will be held at the exhibition "AGROFARM 2012" for the first time, the account will be taken of the innovative nature of the development as well as its accessibility from the point of view of the realization in practice.

It is expected broad representation of the foreign companies-participants at the exhibition. Germany will perform with a collective stand. Denmark and France are also planning to arrange collective expositions.

Поля отмеченные звёздочкой, обязательны для заполнения.

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